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Here We Go Again!

Posted 5 months ago

In case you couldn't catch our most recent Twitch Stream – Original Members may now sign in!

If you had an account on the site back in 2021/22 - and you didn't remove it before we shut down - you'll be able to sign in using your original information.

Frequently Asked Questions

We're sure you'll have plenty of questions, so to help you along we've included some of the most prominent ones that we tend to get asked in this post for your convenience;

I deleted my account before the site shut down. Can I get it back?

I'm afraid not. Account deletion is permanent - there is a possibility for us to recover some of your artwork files, but your account itself cannot be recovered.

I found a bug, or the site is behaving strangely. What do I do?

Please get in touch with our Technical Helpers - either on their profiles or in our Discord Server. If you're 100% sure what you've found is a bug, take a look in our GitHub Issues page to see if it's been reported already. If not, feel free to open a new issue!

I don't have an account. Can I gain access?

We're still offering Early Access to Subscribers! You can subscribe by heading to our Subscribe Page and selecting a payment provider.

Remember to Claim Your Account when you're done!

I have an account and I've subscribed but I can't see my benefits. What gives?

You'll need to link your accounts under Account Settings – you can link your Ko-Fi, Patreon and PayPal accounts, which should automatically assign your payment to your account for you.

How can I reset my password?

Head to the sign in page and click the 'Help' link.

What benefits will I receive for subscribing?

You can check out our subscriber benefits on the Subscribe Page.

I'd like to help out! Can I apply to join your staff?

Absolutely! You must be 18 or over, and ideally have previous moderation/helper experience. Please feel free to fill out our Application Form.

As always, if you ever have any questions that you can't find the answer to - Our Helpers are happy to help out, or you can hop into our Discord Server and ask in there. Alternatively, you can always email us.