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Roadmap Update

Posted 6 months ago

G’day! This post will be a long one, you have been warned!

There has been some confusion as of late about what our current plan/roadmap is looking like, plus some other queries regarding information that’s already out there floating around. Hopefully this will provide the clarification you are looking for.

Firstly we apologize for dropping the ball. We’re always learning and are trying our very best, but are somewhat limited in terms of resources, and with a lot of Ry’s focus being the site itself there are some important things that were allowed to slip through the cracks.

January 1st – subscribers will be added to the Private Beta

This can be considered “early access”.

This decision was made for a number of reasons:

  • Subscribers will receive one of the benefits they are paying for - early access entry. It is, in fact, a benefit.
  • We can stress test the site's server and the staff can get accustomed to the content moderation flow, without us all getting immediately overwhelmed.
  • It will give Ry more time to fix bugs and make improvements where necessary. We want to deliver a smooth, well-performing site, and that only happens through rigorous testing and bugfixing.

More to note on this:

  • It has been speculated previously that content would be wiped when the site goes live following beta testing. This is not the case. After January 1st, there will be no more site wipes.
  • Regarding tier access, any of our subscriber tiers will gain you early access to the site. The lowest tier price is $3.
  • To be clear – this is not a pay-to-enter scheme. Subscribers are simply getting very brief early access for the sake of testing.
  • You can subscribe at any point before or during early access to gain entry.
  • We understand not everyone is happy with this decision and apologize wholeheartedly for not communicating this plan better before now. We are actively working on improving our communication.

Previous site members who are not subscribed will gain access in early February

  • This timeframe is subject to change due to any number of issues that may arise but we are hopeful that it will be accurate.
  • If this timeframe does change, we will inform everyone as soon as we are able via our social platforms and Discord announcements channel.

If all goes well we will begin registration rollouts in early March

  • If the site performs well and no more breaking issues are uncovered, we will slowly begin rolling out registration slots for new users.
  • There is currently no timeframe for this - as soon as we are more confident about when we can begin this phase, we will make an announcement via out social platforms and Discord announcements channel.
  • Rollouts will begin on March 1st in chunks of 250 registration slots. The slots will be announced well in advance and will be first come, first served.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to a member of staff on Discord, Twitter or BlueSky - we always have our ears to the ground and rely on you - our wonderful community - to help us grow and improve!